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We have everything you need to start up a grow space of any size. We carry lighting, nutrients, pest control, electronics, easy setup hydroponic systems, soils, fertilizers and all growing accessories. If you need help desiging your new grow space we offer consultation and installation for proper and hassle free setup. Thank you for visiting GREEN GROW and don't forget to check out our ONLINE STORE at GREEN GROW STORE!

Our Vision

Creating a greener community is our goal. Helping people grow their own indoor produce is the first step in attaining our goal. How? Getting the community familiar with growing indoors is vital for the emerging green movement. If one simply grows their own vegetables cuts carbon emissions by cutting combusting gas to using your vehicle to drive to the local store. Using your own indoor garden is just a walk into your growing space within your home.

Our Mission

By informing the public on the correct way to grow indoors or out is our mission. We thrive on the satisfaction of knowing that when our customers leave our store, they are leaving with the right products and right understanding to be successful at growing inside and out.

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